Leagues Terms, Conditions & League Rules


  • All players are required to sign the Roster/Waiver form. Organizer will not be responsible for damage, loss, or theft of equipment or clothing belonging to any applicant or their guests. No player may enter the field without a completed signed waiver.
  • All the players/managers/coaches should wear an ID card at all-time in the venue and incase the members are not wearing the ID card the match officials reserves the right to not let the member enter into the field.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the facility.
  • Litter must be placed in proper trash cans. No spitting. No gum.

League Play Teams

  • Age limit for any players to be able to take part in the league will be 16 to 35 years. No players above or below the mentioned age will not be qualified to take part in the league.
  • Each team consists of five field players (including goalkeepers). The minimum requirement of players for any games to commence is four field players. Anything less than the minimum number of players will be considered a forfeit.
  • Each team must be accompanied by at least one person designated by an associated futsal ground (Coach or manager). A maximum of two coaches or managers are permitted on the players’ side of the field and must stay inside the bench area.
  • As only the best 16 teams will be selected for the league, if the number of application exceeds the required number of teams the best 16 teams will be selected through the knockout selection game and the fixture for that knockout game will be fixed by draw in the presence of representative from all the applicant teams. In case the representative from the applicant team fail to be present at the drawing program the team will be automatically be disqualified.
  • Only one current national player can take part in the team, any number of ex-national players or any professional players playing form any division can take part in the league
  • FPL reserves the right to make changes in the above mentioned criteria but all the applicant teams will be notified about the changes made.

Game Duration & Start Time

  • The duration of each game is 40 minutes
  • The clock starts at the scheduled start time regardless of the number of players for each team.

Point System and Standings

  • Win: 3 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Points
  • Forfeit: will be recorded as a 0-4 loss
  • Standings will be kept as a total of wins, losses and ties. The team with the most points at the end of the session is declared the winner.

Ties between two teams in record will be broken by:

  • Head to head result
  • Goal difference in head to head games (4 goal max)
  • Goal difference in league plays (4 goals per game max)
  • Goals against in league play
  • Goals for in league play


  • If a team fails to arrive within the first 5 minutes of the first half it will be considered a forfeit (0- 4) and the opposition will be awarded full win points (3) for the game as well as a four goal differential.
  • The opposing team can receive a forfeit win only if sufficient numbers of players to play the game are present from their team.
  • FPL will try to notify the teams if their opponent does not intend to play; however, this is not always possible depending on the notice (if any) given to FPL by the forfeiting team.
  • Any team that forfeits twice in the season will be excluded from further competition.

**Based on space and demand for the fields, there will be no reschedules. FPL will make every effort possible to accommodate schedule requests before the league begins. Once the schedules are final we will not take reschedule requests.

Game Play


  • All on-field players must wear shin guards, soccer socks, shorts and jersey (Home and away) color shirts at all times.
  • If color conflict arises between the home team and the away team both the teams will require wearing non matching jersey.
  • Shin guards are mandatory and must be totally covered by socks. Only flat soled shoes, turf shoes, and outdoor (non-metal) rubber cleats are permitted.
  • Non-acceptable items: Excessively dirty shoes, metal cleats, jeans, tank tops, boots, and sandals and any other accessories and jewelries.


  • The game clock shall only stop if a serious injury occurs.
  • If the referee stops the game because of an injury, the injured player must be replaced.
  • In case of injuries, the player must be substituted immediately and the organizer will not be liable to any mishaps. All the players will have to sign an affidavit.
  • The referee is not required to stop the clock to substitute a player who is bleeding when injured and has not informed the referee regarding his injury.
  • The wound must be cleaned and adequately covered before the player can return. The wounded player must check in with the referee before returning to play.

Foul Language

  • If a player uses foul language in any context will be awarded with yellow card and if the behaviors continues from the same player red card will be awarded.


  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff (indirect). Kickoffs do not have to be played forward.


  • Kick-ins will be used to restart play from the sideline instead of throw-ins.
  • All kick-ins are indirect.
  • Kick-ins from out of bounds can be within three feet of either side of the sideline.
  • Opposing players must be at least 3 meters from the kicker.


  • If the ball hits the ceiling it is restarted with a kick-in from the sideline by the opposition team.

The Goal Arc

  • The goal arc has a nine foot radius located directly in front of the goal. Once the goalkeeper has played the ball or was back passed from his team, he cannot touch the ball with his hand again unless an opposition player has touched the ball or if the goalkeeper is passed the ball in the opponents half, however goalkeeper will be allowed to control the ball with his legs.
  • The goalkeeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than 4 seconds in his own half
  • Goalkeepers are allowed to come out of and players are allowed to go into the penalty area.

Goal Scoring

  • A goal may only be scored from a touch (offensive or defensive) anywhere from the ground.

Free Kicks

  • During the taking of a free kick, defending players must be 3 meters from the ball in all directions.
  • Players have 4 seconds to place the dead ball back into play. Infractions will result in delay-of- game penalty and the ball is awarded to the other team.
  • All free kicks are indirect.
  • Free kick given due to hand ball will be direct free kick
  • Any serious fall will be given direct free kick

Goal Kicks

  • May be taken from anywhere inside the goal arc.

Penalty Kicks

  • Shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card).
  • Penalty kicks are free shot taken from the center of the mid-line with all players (on both teams) behind the mid-line.
  • Penalty kicks are dead ball infractions. If a goal is not scored, the defensive team obtains possession with a goal kick.
  • Penalty shoot will be free shoot.


  • Substitutions are made during dead ball situations, not on the fly.
  • Substitutes may only enter the field from the midline.
  • The substituted player must be off the field before the change.
  • No limit on the number of substitution.
  • All the 12 players can play in the game and there will be no reserved players.


  • No slide tackling


  • There are no off-sides.


Yellow Cards

  • Any player(s) receiving a yellow card must be immediately substituted and can re-enter the game after 2 minutes.
  • Any player(s) receiving two yellow cards in one match receives a red card.

Red Cards

  • Any player(s) receiving a red card receives at a minimum an automatic suspension from the current and the next one game.
  • The final length of suspension is at the final discretion of committee.
  • The offending team must play one player down for 2 minutes. If the opposing team scores within the 2 minute time period, both teams will resume at full strength.
  • A player that receives 3 red cards in one session will not play the remainder of that session and could be banned from the facility.

Game timing

  • The overall game will be divided into 4 halves one half equals 10 minutes.

Unless otherwise specified in the above rules, all FIFA rules apply.

FPL reserves the right to change any and all Terms and Conditions & League Rules at any time for any reason.